About Us

We are Bengali caterers and we have launched our innovative Bengali Catering company in Delhi, the capital city of India. There are many Bengali family members who have relocated in Delhi. They want the palatable conventional Bengali dishes to enjoy vacation. We have special Bengali food caterers who have responsibility to serve clients with the most popular Bengali dishes. Check our top catering services like Bengali catering, outdoor catering, wedding catering, Oriya and Afghani catering services. We have the reliable tie-up with corporate companies which hire us for faster food delivery. Our management is beautifully organized to maintain quality, punctuality, and versatility in providing the top-notch catering services to clients. When you call our working team members, we give you another callback to talk to you. We have the best packages for you to opt for our world class catering service in Delhi. Test our food quality. People in Delhi are happy to choose our food catering services. We are also experts in tent and decoration with 20 years compact experience in custom food catering/event management in India.